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Born and raised in the South of France from a Lebanese - Egyptian father and a French mother, Ellene Masri is A French-American Artist living in the United States. 


It is rare when an artist comes on the scene with a unique sound, vision, voice and presence. French-born singer-songwriter Ellene Masri is all of that and more. Her sound combines many international cultural influences , Latin rhythms, with European, Mediterranean and American melodic sensibilities.


One reviewer when faced with a dilemma about her asked: ” Is her voice velvet, satin or silk?"It's all three, with soulful being the common denominator.

Above all, she is not one of these pre­fabricated, producer created artist. She is firmly in control of her sound and direction.

Her self-produced debut album, "Music", released in 2013 granted her multiple awards from mainstream media (Album of the Week on and showcased her talents as a composer, arranger and musician, playing guitar, keyboards and programming sounds, establishing her as a highly regarded music producer and placing her among the top independent artists in her style.

In 2018, she appears as the featured artist on the he first official new release from the Loose Ends brand in 28 years and the first new music from Steve Nichol in 30 years, "Dangerous Romance" for which she wrote melody and lyrics. 

In 2020, she leaves her Las Vegas residency to return to Paris and live with her loved ones for a while during the Covid outbreak before escaping to Miami in the summer of 2021 to avoid the strict Covid restrictions and resume her life as an artist.  

Today, with her new EP, she offers us a much more stripped-down sound, reminiscent of the days when she performed in intimate venues like jazz clubs, where she made her mark.

This "new" approach is perfectly suited to her present vocal and emotional maturity, revealing all her feminine power as a confirmed artist with a new vision of the world brought to her by her personal experiences, tragic or beautiful, as well as her travels around the world to share her music with her audience.

"I feel like Miami is the perfect place for me, not just as a musician, but as a person. The energy, the culture, and the people are so inspiring, and it feels like the right place for me to continue my artistic journey. This city has a unique way of combining different musical genres and cultural influences, and it's allowed me to experiment with my sound and take it to new heights. I'm excited to continue sharing my music with this community and beyond while continuing to explore the world." - Ellene Masri

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