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General inquiries

"Her mix of cultural influences, roots, and travels has inspired a quality, soulful, and jazz infused album that has been a firm favourite on Jazz FM!" 

Chris Philips, Head of Music @ Jazz FM UK

"I was attracted to her music because of the melodies, the arrangements, the musicianship, the lyrics and the song structure. Those things are very important in any project, especially if it’s going to be commercial... and all of those elements are there in Ellene's project. On top of that, I like it, it just strikes me. I’ve played it many many times, put it in my car, and played it over and over."


Retired A&R Director @ Motown Records

Los Angeles, USA

"The Jazz instrumental is very nostalgic and reminisces the soundtrack in that beautiful Italian restaurant overlooking the sea on holiday or that album that is perfect for dinner guests you are wanting to impress. This album leaks womanly power.

One of Jazz’s finest albums of today. Every song is so raw, as it has been torn from her chest and is extremely natural and graceful"


Her first album “Music” released in 2014 received heavy rotation on UK Soul and Jazz radio stations, garnering Album of the Week on Jazz FM UK, #1 international outlet for Jazz and Soul music. 

Her sensual songwriting, musicality and sultry stage performances wows her audience to standing applause. She most recently performed at the 2018 “Women In Jazz Festival” in Halle, Germany with Grammy award winning producer Sir Dean Gant as teh musical director.

Her superb songwriting gift placed her most recent 2018 release “Dangerous Romance” with Steve Nichol of Loose Ends #3 on the UK Soul charts.

On the strength of her success in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world where she performed in residence for three consecutive years, Ellene always receives high accolades and standing applause whether she hits the stage at a concert, jazz club or music festival. 



                             was born and raised in the South of France.
She now lives between her adoptive country, the United States, and France. Ellene is a multilingual Sorbonne university graduate and her music subtly and gracefully reflects her rich and diverse cultural background.
It is rare when an artist comes on the scene with a unique sound, vision, voice and presence. Ellene Masri is all of that and more.
Referred to by the famous online U.S magazine as the "New European Star-in-the-making", her unique and strongly personal sound combines many international cultural influences , African & Latin rhythms, with European, Mediterranean and American melodic sensibilities.
One reviewer when faced with a dilemma about her asked:
"Is her voice velvet, satin or silk?"
It's all three, with soulful being the common denominator.

Above all, she is not one of these pre­fabricated, producer created artist.

She is firmly in control of her sound and direction.


Her self-produced debut album, “Music” shows off her skills as a composer, arranger and musician, playing the guitar, keyboards and programming sounds on the record.

Her sensuously smooth vocal delivery is the icing on the cake and her mastery of the recording studio is clear in her beautifully layered background vocals.


Music has the power to put you in a mood, heal and transform. It reflects the true personality of the artist, assuming that the artist is sincere. I sing mainly about my love and life experiences and let the “Music” express what words sometimes fail to reveal.” — Ellene Masri.


She is one of those artists who has to be seen live to completely appreciate her stunning appeal:


“Music comes to life on stage. A recording is just a moment, a moment you will never be able to capture again. As artists and performers that’s what we love, sharing these moments with our audience." — Ellene Masri.



Audiences across the globe are in for a wonderful treat when her soon to commence tour hits their town!


Album of the Week on with her Debut Album "Music" (#1 international radio station for Jazz music)

# 3 on the UK Soul Chart with Steve Nichol of Loose Ends Featuring Ellene Masri "Dangerous Romance" (Melody and Lyrics by Ellene Masri)

#24 on the ITunes Singer-songwriter Charts with debut album "Music"

Two #1 Singles on Respect Music Radio (Australia)

Venues Played 

Ellene Masri has performed as the main act at various venues and events around the world:

The Smith Center - Myron's Cabaret Jazz -  (Las Vegas, USA)

The House of Blues -  (Las Vegas, USA)


(Also in Las Vegas:  Paris Casino, Hard Rock Casino, The Westin, Santa Fe, The Bellagio,  The Palazzo, The Wynn...)

American Cancer Society Bucket List Bash - (Naples, FL, USA)

Women In Jazz Festival (Halle, Germany)

Nour Festival (London, UK)

The Sunset Jazz Club (Paris, France)

Jazz-en-Baie Festival (Granville, France)

Enghien Jazz Festival (Enghien, France)

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Live Performances  ( Videos )

Live @ Women In Jazz Festival 2018, Germany

Ellene Masri: Guitar & Lead Vocal; 

Sir Gant: Piano

Tsyo Rajaona: Bass

Mathieu Edward: Drums

LIVE @ East West Studios (LA, CA)

Ellene Masri: Guitar & Lead Vocal; 

Sir Gant: Piano & Keyboards; 

Bennie Maupin: Flute; 

James Manning: Bass; 

David Leach: Percussion; 

Michael White: Drums


LIVE @ The Smith Center

(Las Vegas)

Ellene Masri: Guitar & Lead Vocal; 

Sir Gant: Piano

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