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"I was attracted to her music because of the melodies, the arrangements, the musicianship, the lyrics, the song structure…. 

Those things are very important in any project, especially if it’s going to be commercial. And all of those elements are there in Ellene's project.

And on top of that, I like it, it just strikes me, I’ve played it many many times,

put it in my car and played it over and over.”

Steve BUCKLEY Former VP of  Motown Records

Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Her mix of cultural influences, roots and travels has inspired a quality, soulful and jazz infused album that has been a firm favourite on Jazz FM (...) A beautiful fusion of soul, jazz, and middle eastern influences."

Chris PHILIPS, Head of Music at JAZZ FM

London, UK

"Newcomer Ellene Masri is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who is turning a few heads with her folk meets soul sound on her debut album, Music. She caught our ears too, and we're proud to present this new European star-in-

the-making with our newest SoulTracks First Listen"

Washington DC, District of Columbia

“Is her voice ‘velvet,’ ‘satin’ or ‘silk?’ Someone please research which one of those three is the smoothest and apply that to Ellene Masri. The last time I got this excited about a smooth jazz album it was Corrine Bailey Rae’s debut, before that I think it was Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love”. So when Chris Phillips designated Ellene’s debut album as “Album of the Week” on Jazz fm, I found myself thinking actually it’s my album of the decade.”

Malik Al Nasir

British Poet, Liverpool, UK

" One of Jazz’s finest albums of today, every song is so raw, as it has been torn from her chest and is extremely natural and graceful."



"She had me from the first note, no lie. I pressed play on her single ‘’Secret Lover’’ and I was sold. Armed with a melodic and alluring voice, she grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Ellene straddles the line between soul and jazz effortlessly on her debut album entitled Music. The instrumentals are sexy and sweet-sounding throughout the entire set and Ellene’s vocals are simple and inviting."



"Ellene Masri has provided me the opportunity to concentrate on a style of music I do not get to hear often: as well as offering incredible Jazz movements, Masri incorporates Folk, Acoustic, World music and Contemporary elements - the resultant sounds are among the most emotive, personal and stunning around.  (...)  Masri does not simply do what Jazz/Acoustic contemporaries do: her intelligence, sense of composition and diversity has shades of the U.S. giants (...) There are a few female (and male) artists that play similar music: I feel that none manage to instill the same blend of culture, originality and passion into their music. Masri not only allows access to her heart, thoughts and inner-most confessions; she takes you on a tour of the globe: inspired by the sounds of Africa, the U.S., Europe and Brazil, the listener is treated to a cornucopia of sounds and flavours."

Sam Liddicott

Music Musing and Such, UK

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